“Helping our community responsibly enjoy firearms”  Posted by Chris Beckman October 19th, 2018

Helping Our Community Responsibly Enjoy Firearms

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Access expert firearm training and resources with a ProShots membership in Winston-Salem.

Whether you would like to try a new firearm at a high-quality shooting range or need to complete basic gun certifications, you’ll find the options you need with us at ProShots. We’re located conveniently next to US 52, just ten minutes north of downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and you will be glad you came in to explore our facility.

  • Training and Events – We offer a wide variety of group and one-on-one training options, including handgun, rifle, and shotgun courses. You’ll also find us equipped to offer medical and emergency planning training.
  • Law Enforcement & Security – We offer specialized options ranging from H.R. 218 Retired LE CCHP to specialized one-on-one firearms training for LE and security, and we also host after-hours security/LE qualifications training.
  • Hunting/Sport Shooting – We can accommodate your needs as your peers rather than salesmen because we are knowledgeable professionals in the hunting and sport shooting arena. It is our collective wealth of experience that has given us a word-of-mouth reputation of being the go-to shop.

At ProShots, we are always doing something new and love having an excuse to provide custom courses. Just stop by or contact us today to learn more about our course offerings, our shooting range, and our retail store in Winston-Salem. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Home, Home on the Range! Range Rules Everyone Should Follow

Practice is important to gun safety. Not only does it help ensure that you know how to use the firearms that you own, but it also ensures that your guns get some regular use and cleaning. One of the most convenient ways to practice shooting your firearm is at a...

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Final Week - League Results

This is always a bittersweet week for the staff here at ProShots.  The league is over but not without 8 weeks of laughter, camaraderie, competition, personal challenges, and just good old-fashioned fun!Marc - First PlaceVince - Second PlaceBill - Third PlaceMarc finished just one shot ahead of Vince and six...

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Top Reasons for Firearm Training Before Going Hunting [infographic]

Going hunting is everything from a rite of passage for young men to putting food on the table for a family. To be a successful hunter, whether for sport or the meat, you don’t just grab a firearm and camouflage apparel and head off for the forest. At ProShots, we...

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New King Pin Crowned

This bowling pin shoot was a night of upsets!!!!Congratulations Clark, who was crowned King Pin last night!!  The Final Four were Samantha, Clark, Bill, & Trevor:)  We saw some interesting match-ups especially between family members.  Samantha, in a surprising upset beat her "always a finalist" Mom, Carol.  Trevor won, missing...

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Words of Wisdom from Law Enforcement and Security Experts

While many of us own firearms for collection or more recreational purposes, there are those individuals who use them as part of their employment. For law enforcement and security personnel, firearms are part of their uniform. Handling these objects on a daily basis gives you a level of respect that...

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League Results - Week 7

With one week to go, Marc is holding down First Place, Vince 3 shots behind in Second Place, and Bill is in Third Place.  Jeff, Dickie, & Russ are all new to our League and are in those next 3 spots.  Way to go to Clark & James, who both had...

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