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In appreciation of the many of you who have become part of the ProShots’ family, we are celebrating our 5th year anniversary.  We have an exciting week planned. Read more for details.

Sep 14th – Food Bank Monday

Bring 5 cans of foods to be donated to our local Food Bank, and shoot for $5 all day long.

Sep 15th – ‘Merica Tuesday

If you wear red, white, & blue, you’ll receive a free gun rental or 5 free targets with each range pass.

Sep 16th – Wheel Gun Wednesday

Wear your favorite western wear and you can shoot for $5!  We’ll also be playing old westerns.

Sep 17th – Double Tap Thursday

We will be giving away a Double Tap 45 ACP Derringer Pistol to the shooter who can fire the most consecutive rounds in 5 minutes.  No cost to shoot in this event but you must purchase your ammo here.  Our price is $25 for 50 rounds.  On Friday, the winner of this gun will be announced along with some exciting video footage.  $500 retail value.

Sep 18th – Black Rifle Friday

5% to 25% off all AR parts and accessories.  Josh and Randy, “the parts guys” will be on staff all day to answer your questions and sell you absolutely everything you never knew you needed!

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