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Our Spring Season started yesterday with 7 shooters. If you are interested in joining, then just plan on showing up next Tue, Apr 12 and you can make up your missed shoot. Our team members, Cody and Chris may start participating, but I don’t think it will impact the standings (if you know what I mean).

Richard Morgan is in first place followed by James, and then we have a tie for 3rd.  Who knows, maybe we can knock Richard out of the top spot this season.

Update: Yesterday Cody, Chris B, and our new guy, BJ had Larry run the league for us… It was a TON of fun!  We think Richard Talbert did a great job coming up with the format this season and we look forward to shooting with all of you!

Shooter Tar 1 Tar 2 4/6 Score
Richard Morgan 230 190 420
Beckman 235 180 415
James H 230 170 400
Paul Boone 195 190 385
Matt Brown 195 190 385
Cody 240 140 380
Kim Petticord 225 140 365
Irishman .45 205 120 325
Pops 210 100 310
BJ 200 110 310
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