Wow, what a great turnout to kickoff week 1 of our Spring League.  Of course, our favorites are back but we are also excited to have some new faces.  As you’ll see each week, some shooters just can’t be stopped. We always enjoy watching the league as a whole improve throughout the season.  The format for this league includes 2 targets, 50 rounds, shooting from the draw, and a timed element.  We are grateful that you came out to support us.  Good luck in the weeks to come.

 Week 1
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total
Vince R240250490
Ben R230250480
Dave V230250480
Kathy S220250470
Clark T200250450
Tim S200250450
Bruce B200240440
Paul B200230430
Al R180250430
Grace R190240430
Kit Kat200230430
James S170250420
Randy M190210400
Jill R160220380
Jim O120250370
Cathy S130160290
Diane J6060120