We were only able to have a morning shoot this week so our evening shooters won’t have a score until they get a chance for their make-up.  Ben and Kathy are at the top after week 2 with their usual accuracy.  The highest scores were actually James and Al with 450 and 440 respectively.  As an average, they dropped 2 seconds off of their times.  If anyone is curious, Richard will host a free class on how to properly de-cock a revolver – you have to bring your own cat though ;-) 

 Week 2 
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total2 Week Total
Ben R170250420900
Kathy S180230410880
Al R200240440870
James S200250450870
Clark T180220400850
Grace R180240420850
Randy M180220400800
Jim O200230430800
Paul B140210350780
Jill R160230390770
Vince R  0490
Dave V  0480
Tim S  0450
Bruce B  0440
Kit Kat  0430
Heather  0360
Cathy S  0290
Diane J  0120