Wow… all I can think to write!  Kathy shot our first perfect 2-target score of the season….AND they’re shooting from a holster.  Others have been close and missed by a shot or two but Kathy was in the zone this week.  Dave, Ben, Al and James are within 5 shots of the lead, so things could get interesting.  As you can tell, some of our shooters have a make-up to shoot as they are able.  We look forward to hanging out with our league shooters each week!

 Week 3 
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total3 Week Total
Kathy S2502505001380
Dave V2002404401350
Ben R1902504401340
Al R2102504601330
James S2102504601330
Grace R1602404001250
Bruce B2002404401250
Randy M1802204001200
Jim O1602404001200
Paul B1602303901170
Jill R1402203601130
Tim S  0890
Kit Kat  0870
Clark T  0850
Irishman  0660
Cathy S  0640
Vince R  0490
Diane J5060110230