We’ve hit the halfway mark and continue to see improvement in time and accuracy shooting from a holster.  Tim and Dave both had PERFECT 2-target scores this week.  Perhaps Kathy inspired us last week!  Once Tim, Kat, and Vince shoot their make-ups, this race is sure to get even more interesting.  Props to all, as this format of shooting from a holster is TOUGH and many of us have no experience in shooting from the draw!

 Week 4 
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total4 Week Total
Kathy S2402504901870
Dave V2502505001850
Ben R2302504801820
James S2202504701800
Al R1802504301760
Bruce B1802504301680
Grace R1602203801630
Jim O2002304301630
Paul B2102404501620
Clark T1502303801600
Jill R1902304201550
Randy M1401903301530
Tim S2502505001390
Kit Kat2402504901360
Vince R230250480970
Cathy S130180310950
Irishman  0660
Gary H90150240500
Diane J  0230