Vince shot 4 perfect targets this week which included one of his makeups!!! Vince, Tim, & Dave are vying for those top spots as they all have 1 makeup left.  Grace is proof that practice pays off.  She and Al were in earlier this week practicing and she shot her highest score of the 5 weeks….way to go, Grace.  Yes, Al I’m sure you were a good coach :-)   Kathy is still holding on to 1st Place with a 2 shot lead over Ben.  

It is good to have Clark back in the league after being out for a year or so.  Clark was in our very first league back when we were just getting started.

One more perk for league shooters…….Jill and Ben brought fresh eggs to share from their farm!!

 Week 5 
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total5 Week Total
Kathy S2202404602330
Ben R2402504902310
James S2202404602260
Al R1802504302190
Jim O2102504602090
Grace R2102304402070
Paul B2102404502070
Clark T1902304202020
Jill R2002304301980
Vince R2502505001970
Randy M1702203901920
Dave V  01850
Tim S1802504301820
Kit Kat1802504301790
Bruce B  01680
Cathy S1702103801330
Cody  0960
Gary H100100200700
Irishman  0660
Diane J11070180410