With 4 more perfect targets, Vince has moved into 1st place.  Kathy still had a good week but is now in 2nd place.  Ben is 4 shots away in 3rd place.  James and Jim both shot their personal best this week.  Due to the weather, quite a few still need to shoot makeups.  Spring is just around the corner with 2 weeks remaining.

 Week 6 
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total6 Week Total
Vince R2502505002970
Kathy S2302504802810
Ben R2102504602770
James S2402404802740
Al R1901903802570
Jim O2302504802570
Grace R2102204302500
Paul B1802404202490
Clark T2002504502470
Jill R1902304202400
Randy M  01920
Dave V  01850
Tim S  01820
Kit Kat  01790
Bruce B  01680
Cathy S  01330
Cody  0960
Gary H  0700
Diane J  0410