Over the last 7 weeks, we have shaved 4 seconds off of the average shooting time.  In addition, this was the first week that every competitor shot the Mozambique drill under time.  Props to Vince who continues to shoot with perfection.  Tim and Cathy got their makeups in, moving Tim into 2nd place.  As Kathy has a makeup to shoot, the top 3 positions are still undetermined. Grace was with family and is still missing a score. Without Jill’s organizational help, Richard would not be able to pull it off each week, so he wanted me to give her a big shout-out!  After next week’s shoot, we will be gathering in the training room for awards and refreshments.  

 Week 7 
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total7 Week Total
Vince R2502505003470
Tim S2302504803270
Ben R2202504703240
James S2302504803220
Jim O2202504703040
Al R2002404403010
Paul B2002304302920
Clark T1902504402910
Kathy S  02810
Jill R1602203802780
Grace R  02500
Cathy S1801903702450
Heather  02240
Randy M  01920
Dave V  01850
Kit Kat  01790
Bruce B  01680
Irishman  01450
Cody  0960
Gary H  0700
Diane J5080130540