Much gratitude to all of our league shooters.  We had an incredible 8 weeks hanging out, shooting, and giving each other a hard time.  Vince was 3 shots from shooting an unheard of PERFECT 16 target league!!!!  Vince, that’s just crazy AND inspiring. Tim and Cathy don’t get to shoot with the group as often as we’d like but are some of our newest members that make our jobs fun.  Buddy is joining Kathy on the next go-round but hopefully he won’t be intimidated by her strong 3rd place finish.  Ben finished strong in the league but is currently in the doghouse for not knowing how to play the Dirty Santa Game as strategically as Jill.  The Rennas have marriage, shooting, and life in general figured out and show us all how to behave or NOT.  Bruce and Kat get the shout-out for Father/Daughter marksmanship.  Paul wins the award for the best shooting without being able to hear the range commands. Diane and Jim get our Rookie awards.  Clark has been around the longest of all of our shooters as he shot in our very first league in 2014.  James gets our easiest going award and makes everything he’s involved in enjoyable, not to mention finishing the league tied for 4th place with Ben. And a final big thank you to Richard for making learning and basically everything so much fun.  Our next league will start on Tuesday, May 8th at 10a or 6p.

 Week 8 
ShooterTarget 1Target 2Total8 Week Total
Vince R2502505003970
Tim S2402504903760
Kathy S2302404703730
Ben R2302504803720
James S2502505003720
Jim O2302304603500
Al R2002504503460
Grace R2102404503370
Paul B1902404303350
Clark T2202204403350
Jill R2002304303210
Cathy S2202304502900
Bruce B1602303902890
Randy M1602404002760
Kit Kat2202404602680
Heather  02240
Dave V  01850
Irishman  01450
Cody  0960
Gary H  0700
Diane J10040140680