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Fantastic night for a bowling pin shoot when you spend it with these folks!  Vince Rapuano was our winner for the night coming back to beat Lyn Madsen, who put him in the loser’s bracket to start with :-) So much fun to watch. Kathryn Kiger made it into the final four, as always with some good shooting of her own.  Trevor Smith had a couple of impressive victories before falling to Kathryn in the quarter finals. 

We were happy to have some new shooters last night as well.  Among them was Kathryn Reynolds, who shot her .22 one handed with such precision as she pinged the top of each pin, missing very few.  If her .22 produced more pin action, she would have been hard to beat.  Doc and Kevin made it into those 5th and 6th spots, taking down some good shooters along the way.   

Thank you to all who came out to support us.

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