Feeling at Home with Guns: Gun Store Propriety & Protocols

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If you are just getting into firearms, you might be a little apprehensive about your first trip to a gun store. Just like the first day of school or work, there are a few nuances that, once you learn them, can help you feel more at home in a gun store of any kind.

feel confident with guns and gun stores

First, don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’re new. It’s okay! Everyone starts somewhere! Letting the person behind the counter know that you’re new can help them better serve you by giving them a frame of reference to work with. They then can ask you a few follow-up questions to help you fish out a few possibilities you might enjoy.

Second, gun stores are very particular about rules that need to be followed (as they should be!). While many insurances for the business require certain rules, they mostly are in place for your safety. Most important of all, loaded or unloaded, never point a gun at yourself or another person.

Finally, don’t compare your experience to shooting real firearms with video games. Just because you are great at games that involve a lot of firearm action does not mean those skills will translate into real life guns. Please, please don’t try to turn the gun sideways and show off your gangster skills.

For more tips on how to feel confident with guns and gun stores, come see us at ProShots today! We would love to help you.

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