Words of Wisdom from Law Enforcement and Security Experts

While many of us own firearms for collection or more recreational purposes, there are those individuals who use them as part of their employment. For law enforcement and security personnel, firearms are part of their uniform. Handling these objects on a daily basis gives you a level of respect that can be lacking in the everyday public. If you are newer to owing a firearm, these tips from the law enforcement and security experts themselves can keep you safe.

tips from the law enforcement and security experts

  • Always assume every gun is a loaded gun. Guns can be deadly– that’s a fact. Always act as if a gun is loaded. That means never, ever pointing it at another person, even in jest.
  • Keep guns locked and disabled in any home with children. Keeping a gun locked isn’t enough; kids can be sneaky! Keep the ammo in a different location, and you may even want to go as far as partially disassembling the gun. You can’t be too safe with children and firearms.
  • Teach children gun safety, even if you don’t have firearms in the home. Teach your children from the time they are young to treat firearms as the potentially dangerous tools that they are. While you might not keep your guns in easy access, that doesn’t mean their friends’ parents are as responsible. Children need to know what to do should they find a gun anywhere.
  • Clean and maintain your firearms regularly. Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure that your firearms will act properly the next time you use them.

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