As we begin the 2nd half of the season, Amanda had her highest score thus far.  Way to go Amanda; I know she has had her own personal goals in this league.  You may notice that some of the top shooters are also on the top of the indoor league shoot.  What a great skill to have and the camaraderie is the best.

Bill, our instructor is considering doing a summer league on Saturday mornings.  Be sure and contact us at 336.969.4867 and let us know that you may be interested.  

Shotgun League Scores         
Vince Rapuano1715191918   88
Bill Hearn211722 18   78
Richard Talbert141518 16   63
Char Connor911131314   60
Randy Madsen1611 1316   56
Kent Tuttle 13131111   48
Amanda Talbert799 13   38
Kevin Drummond1713      30
Lyn Madsen94 97   29