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When most people think of a gun range, they usually aren’t thinking of something family friendly. Most gun ranges are completely geared towards adults and meeting all of their needs. However, when you want your children to learn to shoot, it is important that you find a gun range that is family friendly. Also, one that provides beginner training that will both teach gun safety and teach your child to shoot properly. When your child is in a comfortable and family friendly environment, they will feel confident as they learn the necessary skills to successfully and safely operate a firearm.

Family-Friendly Beginner Training

One of the most important aspects of beginner training courses is teaching gun safety. It is absolutely crucial that everyone learning to handle a firearm learns the safe way to do so. Guns can be very dangerous, even deadly, but if handled correctly and with proper safety measures taken, they can be very safe. This is why beginner training should first cover all the necessary safety measures, like how to safely hold a gun, load a gun, shoot a gun, clean a gun, and how to safely store a gun to make sure no one can get it and hurt themselves or someone else. After all safety rules are taught and implemented, then proper shooting technique can be taught. It will be fun for the beginner to learn to shoot targets and watch as their ability to hit targets gets better and better with practice.

If you are looking for beginner training gun courses for a member of your family, contact us today at ProShots. We provide beginner-friendly classes that focus on safety and proper shooting techniques. Our eight-lane gun range is clean and family friendly. We also allow you to shoot a variety of firearms, like handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Contact us today!

*Note: No one under age 12 is allowed to shoot at our range.

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