How Much Firearm Training is Enough?

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There is no one right answer to the question of how much firearm training you should have. First, you will need to think about your personal goals for firearm training. Do you want to make sure you know how to safely handle and maintain a gun you keep in your house for self-defense? Are you hoping to get your conceal-carry permit so that you can defend yourself away from home? Whatever your personal goals, firearm training is essential for anyone who plans to carry and potentially use a firearm.

How Much Firearm Training is Enough?

When you first become a gun owner, it is important to get the basics right away. However, regular firearm training is a good idea no matter how long you have owned a gun. Training with your firearm at least once a month allows you to grow the mindset needed to shoot a gun at a critical moment. It also gives you a chance to make sure your gun is in good working order and it will alert you to any problems with your gun and remind you to perform routine maintenance on your firearm.

When looking for a firearm training class, it is a good idea to find one with a low instructor to student ratio. You also want to fire a lot of rounds during firearm training courses, ensuring that you are comfortable with your firearm of choice and that you are practicing the good habits you need to be an excellent marksperson. Also consider the instructor carefully. You want someone with lots of experience, certifications, and training of their own, so that you can maximize your own learning.

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