Looking for a Pistol? How to Decide with So Many Guns for Sale

If you start looking at guns for sale, you can feel quickly overwhelmed by all the brands, types, styles, calibers and other variables. Even if you are only considering different types of pistols, the number of choices can be overwhelming. It is always important to remember that you must feel comfortable with the gun you are going to carry or use. That is the most important factor in choosing between guns for sale.

That is the most important factor in choosing between guns for sale

Here are some basic differences between pistols to consider:

  • Larger pistols usually have greater accuracy and range, but they can be harder to conceal and carry. They are almost always heavier, which makes them trickier to aim and maneuver.
  • Smaller pistols are easier to carry on your person, especially if you want to conceal them. Their smaller size does reduce their accuracy and power somewhat, but they are usually easier to aim, especially if you are a smaller person, since they are only 4.5 to 6 inches long.
  • Caliber is another consideration. Smaller calibers have less recoil, but larger calibers can inflict more damage. Do you want a pistol as a deterrent or are you willing to take a life in self-defense?
  • Semi-automatic pistols have increased in popularity, but they can be harder to clean and maintain. Revolvers offer a simpler, user-friendly option that works great for most people.

If you are still confused by all the types of guns for sale, it is a wonderful idea to talk to a professional gunsmith about your needs. You can also rent a gun or try a variety of guns out at a shooting range before making a commitment to any one gun.