Why Are Law Enforcement/Security Officers’ Guns the Same?

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When you think of an old-timey, wild west sheriff, you probably picture them in a certain way. Maybe they have on a vest with one of those sheriff’s badges that are metal and shaped like a star, maybe they’re wearing chaps and cowboy boots, but certainly they have a holster, a cowboy hat and a gun- but not just any gun- a six-shooter revolver or two. The weapons that law enforcement/security personnel use are as iconic as their uniforms and badges. Here at ProShots, we work closely with law enforcement/security officers often and outfit many of them with their personal and professional guns. We see a lot of similarities in guns that they carry, and you might have noticed some of the same similarities.

law enforcement/security personnel

Law enforcement/security in the area will often be carrying the same style of gun. A gun that is standard issue across a police department, for example, makes things far more efficient and cost effective. The city is able to purchase both weapons and ammunition in bulk, making their buying power go further. This buying practice also makes it easier for officers since they don’t need to worry about accidentally grabbing the wrong magazine or ammunition for their weapon before they go out.

Nowadays, rather than seeing a law enforcement officer with a six-shooter, you are more likely to see them with a Glock or Sig Sauer .9mm or .45mm. Here at ProShots, we like to help law enforcement/security personnel get their guns stocked with ammunition and serviced regularly. To learn more about these types of weapons, give us a call today.

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