Self-defense Training is Important for Everyone (Yes, Everyone)

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The sad fact of this world is that there are times when people make poor choices that directly and negatively impact the lives of other people. When you want to protect yourself and those around you in your life, many people learn self-defense training, sometimes with the addition of a weapon such as a gun. Even if you are a seasoned gun owner and handler, self-defense training is crucial for many reasons. We here at ProShots would like if everyone could take some self-defense classes and would like to tell you why.

Self-defense skills are useful

  • Criminals don’t discriminate. A criminal often doesn’t care if you are a good person or if you pay your taxes. Many criminals prey on those they perceive as weak, defenseless and vulnerable. Ensuring that you are not any of those things can help you if you find yourself in a precarious situation and could completely change the outcome for the better.
  • You never know when someone might need help. It might not always be you who is the victim, but it might be a friend, child, neighbor or even a stranger who is being harmed. Self-defense training isn’t ever meant to replace law enforcement, but it can help you think clearly and react in smart ways to protect those around you until law enforcement arrives.
  • Stressful situations need safe practice. Our brains do not operate the same way when we are scared or stressed. Self-defense skills are useful when they have been practiced enough that we don’t necessarily need our brains to tell our body what to do, but instead we can rely on training and muscle memory to take over.

We love helping people learn everything they can about and practice as much self-defense training as they can. Let us know today how we can help you feel more comfortable and safer.