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Are you in the market to buy your fist gun? If so, there are several things to consider such as size, weight, use, and purpose. If may be hard to find the right type of gun that you are comfortable with, and that’s why we suggest renting before buying a gun. Top Reasons to Rent a Gun Before Owning

  • Grip Size – When you hold a gun in the store, the grip might seem okay and to your liking. However, when you take it to the range and it’s all loaded up, it might have a different feeling entirely. Taking advantage of gun rentals allows you to try different guns and help you determine which firearm you feel comfortable with.
  • Trigger – When examining a gun to buy, you may test out the trigger and see how it feels. However, you aren’t able to actually fire the weapon. Some guns have a tough trigger compared to others, meaning it takes a lot of finger strength to actually pull the trigger. Renting a gun allows you to test out the trigger and help you determine if you are comfortable with it.
  • Sights – Another aspect to consider when buying a gun is the pistol sights. Some people may be more comfortable with different types of sights that line up with their preferences and can promote accuracy. Renting a firearm will enable you to test out the pistol sights on a gun before purchasing.
  • Kickback – Certain guns have bigger kicks than others, and not everyone is comfortable firing a gun that may cause them to lose their balance. When renting a gun before buying, you are able to determine what kind of kickback you’re comfortable with when firing your gun.

Top Reasons to Rent a Gun Before Owning

We hope these reasons help you determine which gun is right for you and encourage you to try our gun rentals before making a big firearm purchase. If you have any questions regarding gun rentals, or other services we provide, please contact us ProShots today.

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