Signs Your Revolver May be Having Timing Issues

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If you have a revolver, you should know about the potential for timing issues. When a revolver develops timing issues, this means that the cylinder’s action is slightly off – it is no longer properly aligned with the barrel and may not be rotating all the way into a locking position. If this sounds like a serious problem, that’s because it is. Not only can this lead to further problems with your revolver, it can be downright dangerous. It can reduce your accuracy and make major malfunctions more likely. It can even cause a small portion of a fired round to shear off and cause a hand injury while you are firing the revolver.

Signs Your Revolver May be Having Timing Issues

Here are some of the signs you should look for as they may indicate timing issues with your revolver:

  • You notice any changes to the feel of your revolver while you are shooting it.
  • Clear the revolver slowly and then pull the trigger in double action mode and you should hear two distinct clicks from the revolver. If the timing of the second click is different than it has been before or is inconsistent from one pull of the trigger to another, you should get it checked out.
  • You notice any participate matter coming through the gap when you are firing your revolver.

If you notice any potential timing issues with your revolver, you should stop using it right away and take it to a professional gunsmith who can evaluate the problem and resolve it. Revolvers are complicated firearms with many moving parts working together and timing issues will only get worse over time.

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