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Here at ProShots, we want to help you keep your firearms in the best possible condition. While proper gun care and maintenance starts with regular cleaning and proper storage, it does not end there, and may also include a range of repairs or adjustments to improve performance and correct for wear and tear. One such step is chamber polishing, and in this article our team will provide a brief overview on what it entails.

What is Chamber Polishing?

Chamber polishing is a process designed to remove any burrs or imperfections from the interior surface of the chamber and make it smooth once more. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this, and our gunsmiths will be sure to use the most appropriate method for your needs. One method used by some DIYers is to hollow out a casing, wrap it in sandpaper, mount it to a cleaning rod, and insert it into the chamber with a drizzle of gun oil to provide the polishing action. While there’s no reason that this couldn’t work in principle, in our experience using tools designed for this purpose is the better option, as it will yield higher-quality results. For instance, a Flex-Hone tool consists of a wire brush with dots of polishing grit at the tops of the bristles, and it provides a much more consistent polish.

If you need chamber polishing services for your gun, we encourage you to give us a call–our team of expert gunsmiths will make your gun as good as new.

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