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Here at ProShots, we want to help more people learn to shoot, whether to partake in hunting or sport shooting activities, or as a method of self-defense. To do this, we offer top-notch firearms classes designed to help people of all ability levels improve their skills. Our team has extensive experience working with beginners, and we have developed a number of strategies for how to learn to shoot more effectively–that is, how to build skills faster and commit them to memory. In this article, we’ll go over three of these tips to help you as you are learning to shoot.

3 Expert Tips for Learning to Shoot

1.   Start Small- In our experience, it’s best for beginners to start learning to shoot with smaller caliber firearms. Doing so will allow you to get used to the noise, recoil, and other startle factors before moving on to larger and more intense guns.

2.   Get to Know Your Gun- Another tip for learning to shoot is to thoroughly examine your gun. Making sure that the gun is unloaded first, handle it to learn where important features such as the magazine release, safety, sights, and other components are. Our team will of course cover all of this in our classes but it’s a good idea to study it on your own as well.

3.   Take it Apart- On top of examining your gun from the outside, we also recommend taking your gun apart to learn how its inner mechanisms work, as well as how to clean and maintain them. All of this is an essential part of learning to shoot, and of shooting itself, so it’s a good idea to master it as soon as possible.

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