Gun Cleaning Tips to Make Your Firearm Last a Lifetime

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Your firearm was an investment, and you want to keep it in good condition so it will last throughout your lifetime. Regular gun cleaning is an important part of making this happen. But what gun cleaning steps should you take to ensure the longevity of your firearm? Here are some of our top gun cleaning tips to help you keep your firearm ins good shape:

  • Only use solves and lubricants made specifically for cleaning firearms. If you try to use general cleaning supplies, you could damage the interior and exterior of your gun while you try to clean it.

Gun Cleaning Tips to Make Your Firearm Last a Lifetime

  • Even though you may not have pulled out your gun and shot it at the range for a while, you still need to clean your gun regularly. Guns need to be cleaned regularly not because they are being used, but because they get carried around. Give your gun a quick once-over on a daily basis if you carry it around with you every day.
  • Whenever you clean your gun, remove all the debris and foul it first. This will keep debris from getting mixed into other parts of your gun and damaging them while you clean your gun.
  • Once you finish the gun cleaning process, always apply a protective coating to it. This will help you prevent corrosion. While selecting a protective coating, consider how you use your gun and how you store it. If you live in a location with higher humidity, for example, you will need a more robust protective coating.


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