Firearms 101: Things to Pack in Your Range Bag

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You want to come and shoot a few rounds at our gun range. Although you can just walk out your door and come to our range with nothing but your car keys and wallet, most people benefit from bringing a few things with them in their range bag. Whether you are new to the world of firearms or interested in revamping the things you bring when you come to our range, here are a few things we recommend packing in your range bag.

Firearms 101: Things to Pack in Your Range Bag

When it comes to transporting firearms, don’t try to get away with a normal backpack or duffel bag. If you can, invest in a purpose-built range bag. These bags are strong enough to handle the weight of your gear, as well as durable, spacious, and water-resistant.

You should also keep a few essentials in your range bag at all times. These essentials include eye protection, ear protection, a safe way to transport your ammo, and a personal injury kit. A few other things that are useful but not essential include a tool kit, chamber flags, a gun cleaning kit, gun oil, gloves, a towel for wiping down your gun after shooting, water, snacks, a pen, a shooting journal, holsters, skills and drill books, and extra magazines.

Make sure you keep your bag organized and look over what you have before you visit our range. Label everything you keep in your bag; keep your ammo, targets, and tape in the bigger, central pocket; and make a checklist of what you keep in this bag to look over every time you leave the range.


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