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Congratulations to Joe as he was crowned Bowling Pin King last night in our “Hippie Memorial Shoot”.  Last night, we honored our beloved friend, Donald Mains (but lovingly called “Hippie”), who we lost in this life but look forward to seeing in the next.  He actually designed our trophy in 2014.

We had an amazing “first night back since Covid hit”. Roy had the number one seed with the highest score heading into the tournament but was matched up against Adam, who struggled a little in the seeding rounds but quickly zeroed in on shooting bowling pins as he sent the pins not only off the table but to the back of the berm!! Adam made it to the Final Four shooting his 44!

We had a lot of first time shooters in this event which always makes for a fun night.  Diane was one of those as she made it all the way into the Elite 8 taking out a former Bowling Pin King in Jeff Macy, and her own husband;) until she was stopped when she met up with the soon to be winner, Joe.

Pops, who not only has won this event, has made it to the quarter finals in practically every shoot for 8 years, also fell victim to Joe.

Kathryn, always a finalist, shooting her revolver, lost to Jonathan who never fails to be a contender, whether it be leagues or events.

Terri, who had never shot bowling pins, and questioned her ability not only made it to the Elite 8 but beat Vince, who has probably won more shooting competitions than anyone in the history of ProShots.

I saw the most sportsmanship, camaraderie, and fun that I can ever remember.  Fellow shooters helped their opponents load mags, gave strategy, and simply encouraged one another.  Be sure and join us for our next shoot on Tuesday, June 28th at 6p.

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