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Jonathan was crowned King Pin last night at our Bowling Pin Shoot.  Ronnie finished 2nd and the final four included Kendall and Paul, both first time shooters in this event.

We had 24 participants and a fantastic time of shooting, laughing, and fellowship!  Josh & Kevin had to leave early to go to work but we were happy to have them for the first time as well.

Our fun group of mechanics, Adam, Marcus, & Joe always show up with not only great shooting but also giving us lots of reasons to laugh (which is why most of us participate to start with).

A big shout out to Vince, Jonathan, and Char, who always help us out with set-up and safety! And Pops, if I would have let him;)

Our MVF (Most Valuable Fan) award goes to Ma, who cheers everyone on but most definitely shows favoritism to Pops!

I’m always impressed with the sportsmanship of this group…win or lose….it’s smack talking and a handshake!

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