3 Questions to Ask During Your First Trip to the Gun Store

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Starting out as a new firearm enthusiast can be very exciting but also overwhelming. You’ll need to find a new gun, get the right ammo, take some training classes, and maybe even take a concealed carry class. Your first step, however, will be going to the gun store to pick out your new gun. The gun store can also be overwhelming, so we wrote up this list of questions to ask on your first trip to make it a little more manageable.

3 Questions to Ask During Your First Trip to the Gun Store

  1. How do I choose a gun? The staff at the gun store should be friendly and personable. They’re always well trained and experienced to answer any questions you may have. When you ask how to choose a gun, they can patiently walk you through an explanation of the different types of guns and brands and discuss what purpose you’ll be using your gun for. Based on your build, preferences, and planned use, they might be able to make a few recommendations on which guns to check out first.
  2. Do I need any accessories? The gun store will have a wide variety of guns available but also some shiny gadgets and accessories lining the walls as well. These accessories can make using your new gun easier or more comfortable. The staff will explain how the different accessories work and highlight the ones that are necessities versus convenient additions.
  3. Can I test it out? Many gun stores will not allow you to test shoot your gun before purchasing but will allow you to hold it to test the feel of it. Our gun store, however, has a connected gun range, so you can test out a similar rental gun to see if the fit is right for you or if you might prefer something different.

At our gun store, you will be sure to find quality customer service, a wide variety of guns, and impressive gun accessories. You can give us a call to learn more or come visit our store to check it out.

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