Understanding the Importance of Gun Rules & Safety Tips

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To avoid firearm-related mishaps and injuries, it’s important to follow gun rules & safety tips that you’ve learned through our classes and our staff at ProShots. Following these not only keeps you safe but also makes your shooting experience more enjoyable, whether you’re in our range or shooting somewhere else. It’s also crucial to understand that these gun rules & safety tips are meant for everyone, regardless of experience level. Continue reading to learn some of the essential rules and tips we teach.

Understanding the Importance of Gun Rules & Safety Tips

  • Always Assume the Firearm Is Loaded: Even if you think the firearm is empty, you should always assume it is loaded. This ensures that you remember to point the firearm away from people and in a safe direction. It also puts you in a focused frame of mind and heightens your senses. 
  • Do Not Rest Your Finger on the Trigger: The only time your finger should be on the trigger is when you’re ready to pull it. At all other times, keep your finger next to the frame or the receiver. Gun rules & safety tips like this exist to keep you and others safe, so following them is key.
  • Focus: This is a blanket rule that should be put into place the minute you step into the shooting range. Focusing on your surroundings at all times keeps you safe and helps you remember what you’ve learned about shooting so you can improve your practice.
  • Store Your Firearms Safely: Gun rules & safety tips also extend to proper storage techniques. Depending on your situation, being mindful of where you store your firearms and ammunition is key. Our team can help you assess your needs and provide valuable training in this area to ensure your needs and safety standards are met.
  • Use Appropriate Ammunition: Speaking of ammunition, it’s crucial to use the correct ammunition for your firearm. Also, take the necessary steps to ensure there is nothing in the barrel or chamber prior to loading for optimum safety.

Following these general guidelines for gun ownership and safety creates a safer atmosphere for all. Prioritize safety above everything else and keep learning new things to broaden your understanding of firearm safety procedures.

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