Five Signs Your Firearm Needs Chamber Polishing

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In firearms, chamber polishing is the act of smoothing the internal surfaces of the chamber in which the cartridge is seated. If you have problems feeding, extracting, or ejecting your firearm, our gunsmithing team at ProShots can help. Continue reading to learn more about the signs that you need chamber polishing.

Five Signs Your Firearm Needs Chamber Polishing

  1. Failure to Feed: It may be a sign of uneven or rough surfaces in the chamber if your firearm is not feeding cartridges into the chamber smoothly on a regular basis. Friction from this may make it challenging for the cartridge to slide into position.
  1. Inability to Extract: Exhausted cartridges that are difficult to remove after firing may indicate a need for chamber polishing. Smoother extraction is possible with a polished chamber because the spent casing should slide out more readily.
  1. Cartridge Marks or Scratches: If you examine the spent casings for any odd dents or scuffs and notice issues, it’s another sign that you need chamber polishing.
  1. Frequent Jamming: Frequent jams, especially under normal operating conditions or during rapid fire, may indicate that the chamber needs to be polished as well. Smooth chamber surfaces make it easier for the gun to cycle properly.
  1. Carbon Build-Up: Rough surfaces can trap debris and cause excessive carbon buildup in the chamber. Chamber polishing ensures greater dependability because a smoother surface is less likely to gather carbon deposits.

Talk to our team if you’ve noticed any of these issues. We can assess your firearm to see if it needs chamber polishing or if there is another reason for the problems you’re having.

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