“I just want to express my deepest admiration to all the staff that helped me get over my hesitation to shoot my gun.  The staff at Pro Shots made me feel so welcome and at ease.  The encouragement, patience and support of the staff helped me overcome my apprehension and you will never know how much I appreciate what they did for me.”


“I would like to thank all, who over the last couple days, were willing to spend a lot of time and share advice as to what to look for in a modern semi-auto handgun!  I felt very comfortable knowing that I was given the time to ask questions and then try out each weapon!  It made my shooting experience and actual purchase of my new Springfield XD 9mm a happy and safe one with the knowledge you shared and your time to show me what I needed to know this day!!”


“Josh did some work on one of my guns and did an outstanding job.  Looking forward to visiting Pro Shots again.”


Very helpful, friendly staff. All my gun, ammo, shooting business is yours, with high recommendations to my friends.

-Janice McCoy


“My type of professionals!”


“This is a great place for all levels of experience.”


“Dad, that was awesome! Can we do it again?”


“ProShots has walked me through from being a new shooter, to buying my personal weapon, to teaching an AWESOME CCH Class…ProShots is GREAT!”


“An excellent and impressive program! The instructors Josh and Kyle impressed with their command of the subject matter, teaching with an eye toward safety procedures at all times, and were willing to answer all questions.

I can’t wait for the advanced class in February, and I plan to join the range.

Thanks for a really groovy experience.”

-Wayne Conley

 Great instruction, outstanding facilities!

-Tracy Golding

“I had never fired a gun before, let alone held one, so I thought it was a great experience to as a newcomer to gun ownership. Richard and Randy were very friendly and professional, and I felt very comfortable in the “Introduction to Firearms” course (and shooting for the first time!). I’m already checking dates to sign up for the “Basic Pistol” one and am looking forward to learning more about firearms.”

-Valerie Stewart

“Just took “”basic AR”” with Kyle and Josh. It was very informative and I particularly appreciated the way they had us take down the rifle to the basic parts, what oils were best, etc.

We practiced mag changes, stances and I am quite pleased at my accuracy on range.

We had a full classroom but there was still plenty of time for everyone to do their drills and learn something. I am glad I took this course.”

-Christopher Oates

Excellent class this evening. Randy and Richard were fantastic. Will definitely take another class soon. Thanks.

-Rachel Myer

Good guys, all willing to help. Knowledgeable and professional.

-Derick Brink

“Kyle James is an excellent instructor. I know, as I once a upon a time did what he is doing. He makes it interesting.

You all have a very nice facility. Keep at it that way, and take care.”

-Jim George

“Great class, excellent instructor, very informative, highly recommend it.”

-William Loggins

“Can’t say anything negative about this class! I will return in January for the basic pistol class.”

-Travis Branch

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