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Men’s League Results 10/14/14

Even though Tom had his 5th perfect target, we finally have a real battle for the lead.  With this being a handicapped league, all shooters are pushing themselves to get better.  Congratulations to Richard and Jeff for sliding into those top spots and challenging Tom, Craig, and Eldon.    2 weeks...
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Golf Ball Shoot 10/9/14

Congratulations to Marc!  There was no stopping him last night!!!  A special shout out goes to our newest shooter, Amber Apple for hitting 5 out of 5!! 1st Place – Marc Leonard 2nd Place – Bill Vasaly 3rd and 4th places go to Paul Boone and Tom...
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Men’s League Results 10/7/14

3 Weeks left…someone gonna catch Tom?  Several of our shooters have missed a week. You are welcome to make it up before the last week if you would like to. Shooter Tar 1 Tar 2 10/7/14 TTL (Raw Score) 5 Week TTL Handicap Score Ulsenheimer, Tom 250 238 488 2494 Dickson, Craig 245 228 473 2487...
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Men’s League Results 9/30/14

This post is a week late but thought some of you might still like to see the scores.  Only perfect target for 9/30/14 was Tom Ulsenheimer. Shooter Tar 1 Tar 2 9/30/14 TTL (Raw Score) 4 Week TTL Handicap Score Ulsenheimer, Tom 250 244 494 2000 Dickson, Craig 249 240 489 1987 Courtney, Jeff 244 233...
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King Pin of the Month

September’s King Pin of the Month is Jeff Macy.  Al, Matt, and Stephen made the final matches closer than ever but congratulations goes to Jeff!!  Thanks to all those who joined us, it was a fun...
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Men’s League Results 9/23/14

Scores are posted below (ok, no comments from the peanut gallery please).  Week 3 Winner is Tom Ulsenheimer with a 499 (wow!) Shooter Tar 1 Tar 2 9/23/14 TTL (Raw Score) 3 Week TTL Handicap Score Ulsenheimer, Tom 250 249 499 1500 Metzger, Eldon 244 222 466 1475 Courtney, Jeff 232 227 459 1465...
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