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Have a firearm you no longer want, or need?

Just bring in the firearm that you are interested in trading, selling, or consigning, as well as anything that goes with it.  We will thoroughly inspect, test fire, and consult blue book to assess value of the firearm in question. Price will be based on the condition, and current market value of your firearm.

It is important  to note that not all firearms are eligible. Feel free to call us with your make, model, and caliber, or consult the guideline at the bottom of the page.


Consignment is a sixty-day contract. We will discuss possible selling prices, and whether consignment is a good option for your needs.  When your consigned item is sold and payment is made by the buyer, you will be contacted and payment made to you within 7 business days in the form of a check. You may pick up your check at ProShots, or elect to have your payment mailed. If your item is not sold, then by Federal law you, as the consignor, must produce a permit or be subject to a NICS check to retrieve your firearm. In most cases we offer around a 20% consignment fee.


In trade we offer same as cash store credit toward whatever you wan’t. Generally this is 70% of the established value of the gun.


Purchase of firearms is done in the form of a check, and is generally 60% of the value of the firearm.

Firearms that are ineligible for trade, purchase, and consignment

This list is simply a guideline, and is subject to exceptions.

Poor Quality Manufacturers

SCCY, Jimenez, Rossie, Taurus, Keltec, Bersa, LLAMA, Universal, JRC, Diamond back, Hi-Point, etc.

Poor Quality Origins of Manufacturing

China, Brazil, Turkey, Most non military German, etc.

Poor Quality Models From Otherwise Good Manufacturers

Sig Mosquito, Kimber SOLO, Remington R51, Magnum Research Baby Eagle, etc.

Tec-9, Hi-Point, Masterpiece Arms UZI knock-offs, Pistol-grip only shotguns.


Poor condition firearms that are not highly collectable -“wall hangers”, Firearms that are broken with no resource for required parts.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (336)969-4867, or just stop by the shop!

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