Membership benefits

Though we don’t require a membership to use our facility, it will save you a ton if you are going to come in more than a couple times a year. The perks of membership are.

  • Unlimited free range use
  • 15% off all regular priced ammo
  • Free rentals
  • Free gun cleaning every 6 months
  • Free one on one lesson (1hr for 12 month 30min for 6 month)
  • 1/2 off FFL transfers
  • Reduced price guest passes for guest ($10 and $15 vs $19 and $25)
  • Use of the “Member Call Ahead” for our busy range days
  • Free appraisals

Individual Membership

Annual Rate: $279.00  (%10 Off For Vets And LE)

Semi-Annual Rate: $149.00

Household/Family Membership

Annual Rate: $379.00

Semi-Annual Rate: $199.00  –That includes up to two adults and any children under 25* who live in your household.

Quick Shot Day Pass

  • (Monday-Thursday) Day Pass $19
  • (Friday-Saturday, And Holidays) Day Pass $25
  • Veteran Range Pass $10 Any Day
  • Children With Paying Adult $10 Any Day*
  • LE Range Pass $5 Any Day

Yes, that’s all day. You can shoot for awhile, go have lunch, and come back if you like. And if you decide on your first visit that you want to become a member that same day, we’ll simply apply your Quick Shot payment to your membership fee.

*No one under age 12 is allowed to shoot at our range.





  • $1 each

Rental Guns

  • $10 each first rental
  • $5 each additional rental

(You must use our ammunition when renting our guns.)