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-H.R. 218 Retired LE CCHP

-Specialized one-on-one Firearms training for LE and security

-Hosting after hours security/LE qualifications

H.R. 218 retired le cchp

Under the federal law, retired law enforcement officers may carry concealed firearms nationwide if they meet the definition of a “qualified retired law enforcement officer” as specified in H.R. 218 and have, within the most recent 12-month period, met the State’s standards for training and qualification for active law enforcement officers to carry firearms. A retired officer residing in North Carolina may meet the State’s standards by enrolling in a class provided by a certified law enforcement Specialized Firearms Instructor and successfully complete the training and qualification. After completion of the class, the retired law enforcement officer may then apply to the Criminal Justice Standards Commission for certification under the new Retired Law Enforcement Officers Firearms Qualification Certification Program.

The cost of the class is: $79

For more info visit www.ncdoj.com and click on Law Enforcement Training & Standards.

Specialized one-on-one Firearms training for LE and security

We have a range of certified instructors that can get you up to speed for whatever qualification you need to pass, or skill you wish to acquire. We even have most common duty guns in our rental fleet if you don’t already posses one.

A one-on-one session includes

  • An hour with one of our certified instructors
  • Use of the range
  • Use of our rental fleet
  • Free targets
  • 10% off ammunition
Cost of class: $59

Hosting after hours security/LE qualifications

ProSHOTS has been hosting LE and Private Security qualifications for many years.

  • We stock the B-27NCJA targets used in most qualifications.
  • Have the ability to go “lights out” for night qualifications.
  • Have a built in blue strobe for cruiser light simulation.
  • Rent most prevalent duty guns.
  • Sell everything from lights, holsters, ammo, to firearms.

Booking a qualificaton

  • We have a booking minimum of $125 that must be paid up front, and is only refundable with 24 hour notice. This fee covers the instructor and first 5 students.
  • Each student after the first 5 will be an additional $30.
  • Targets are $1pr.
  • Generally we do qualifications outside of our normal business hours, so give us a call at (336)969-4867, and we will see what times can be made available. 

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