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ProShots is a top-notch facility with eight indoor lanes that can handle any pistol, or shotgun, as well as rifles under 50BMG. Each lane sports individual lights, and an automated target retrieval system. Left and right-handed rifle benches are available with rifle rests and adjustable chairs.resized-ProShots-269


Not only do we have top notch instructors, but a large classroom with state of the art A/V equipment suitable for teaching our Concealed Carry, Basic Pistol, Advanced Pistol, Advanced AR-15, Defensive Shotgun, etc.


That we have a large retail area, offering a full selection of firearms and accessories is not that unique. What is unique, is the knowledgeable, friendly, professional staff you will find nowhere else. It is this collective wealth of experience that has given us a word of mouth reputation of being the GO-To shop.

Our staff

Our guys/girls come from backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military, Competition, Gunsmithing, Sporting, Recreational enthusiast, and everything in between. This allows us to accommodate your needs as knowledgeable professionals, and a peers rather than salesmen.

Free Coffee!!!

N-n-othing…  s-ssells like Free….. C-c-coffee!!!!!!

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