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The North Carolina Concealed Carry Course is the first step in attaining your permit. It is required that you complete an eight-hour course, written test, and range qualification.

(And yes, we also teach the Retired LEO CCHP HR218 as well!)

In this class you will learn:

  • Firearms safety and operation
  • North Carolina Laws on carrying concealed including recent changes in General Statutes
  • Laws concerning the use of deadly force

What is the shooting test?

The test is a zero assistance, pass fail test with no provision for failure to retake. It is a timed 40 round qualification that requires you make a 75% on a man sized target from both a low ready as well as from the draw or bench top, while taking verbal commands from the instructor. You are also expected to do all your own loading, unloading, showing clear, clearing malfunctions, and having zero safety violations. Yardages vary from 2-7 yards, and the test is generally administered to 8 students at a time. We do not allow 22lr pistols or use of laser sights. It is important to note, the state mandated curriculum for the NC Concealed Carry Class Is 100% classroom based, and in no way prepares you for the qualification shoot. If that sounds scary don’t worry, you just need to take the “Coach To Qualify” option.

Coach to qualify

Normally an hour with an instructor would run you $59, but for $40 the coach to qualify gets you

  • Use of the range without additional charge
  • The instructors time for 1hr
  • Unlimited free rentals
  • Free targets
  • Free Rental Eye And ear pro
  • 10% off ammunition

At the end of your session, the instructor will work with you one on one  while administering the shooting test. When taken in this setting, even a rank armature should have no problem passing the shooting portion of the test.

Upon completion of your NC Concealed Carry Class you will receive:
Free 1 month Ind membership
Free rentals during that 1 month
$10 off a Basic Pistol

$20 off Defensive Pistol

$25 off one on one training.


In order to provide the safest environment for everyone in the store, members will be held accountable for the safe behavior of their guests. Any unsafe behavior could result in the revocation of membership privileges.

course without coach to qualify: $119

Course + Coach to Qualify: $159

Retired LEO hr218 cchp: $79

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