Chamber Polishing is Best Left to Professional Gunsmiths

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There are many types of guns that may benefit from chamber polishing, but attempting to complete chamber polishing on your own is never a good idea. When chamber polishing is completed by a certified professional gunsmith, it can help keep your firearms in peak working condition. It can improve the reliability and accuracy of your gun. It can also make your gun more resistant to corrosion. Once the chamber polishing is completed, you may find that it is easier to clean and maintain your gun on your own.

Chamber Polishing is Best Left to Professional Gunsmiths

A professional gunsmith will most likely recommend chamber polishing in the following instances:

  • Your firearm has any corrosion damage in the chamber that may hamper performance
  • You are experiencing chip drag from your firearm
  • Your firearm has manufacturing flaws that are hampering its performance
  • Your firearm had poor reaming at the factory
  • You have noticed that your fired cartridge case is not easily extracting

The goal of chamber polishing for your gun is to smooth any and all imperfections that are present in the gun’s chamber, but without changing the dimensions and size of the gun’s chamber at all, as these changes could lead to other major problems with the performance of your firearm. Does that sound hard to accomplish? It definitely is very challenging, delicate work, and that is why it should always be done by a certified, professional gunsmith. There are other problems that can cause similar symptoms in the performance of your gun, so the chamber may not even be the issue.

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