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Our team at ProShots is passionate about all things firearms, and part of that passion is our commitment to proper gun care and maintenance. We want to help you keep your firearms in the best possible condition, and in order to do that, you will occasionally need to talk to a gunsmith. In this article, we’ll go over three signs that you need to take your guns to a gunsmith for repairs or general tune-ups.

3 Signs That You Need to Take Your Gun to a Gunsmith

  1. Damaged Barrel- One clear sign that you should have your firearm looked at by a gunsmith is damage to the barrel. The barrel plays a critical role in determining the bullet’s flight path, and even small imperfections can seriously affect your accuracy. Our trained gunsmiths can correct these types of issues by recutting the barrel on a lathe to make it completely smooth once more.
  2. Corrosion- Another situation in which you’ll want to see a gunsmith is if you have corrosion on the barrel, which weakens the metal and affects your gun’s overall performance. Corrosion usually sets in at the end of the barrel and works its way up, and the only way to halt its progress is to have a gunsmith cut off the affected portion.
  3. Warpage- If your gun has a wooden stock, you will also need to see a gunsmith if the wood starts to warp or shift. Changes in the wood of the stock will affect how your gun performs, so you’ll want to take steps to prevent it from warping in the first place and to have a gunsmith take a look to correct any shifting that has already happened.
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