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Fall League Results – Week 5

Trevor stepped up his game, missing 2 perfect targets by a gnat’s eyelash (David didn’t like my mosquito analogy last week).  Bill blinked and threw one out on Target 2, closing the gap between 1st and 2nd place. Vince continues his blistering pace with two more perfect targets. If the...
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Fall League Results – Week 4

As Aaron was shooting a make up this week, he just missed in his transition for 4 PERFECT targets!  We missed quite a few shooters this week including one who may have even been planting a body or two:)  We are at the halfway mark and having a great time!!   Week 4   Shooter Target 1 Target 2...
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Fall League Results – Week 3

Marc jumped in and took the league with 6 perfect targets!!  Vince dropped a shot for his very first time by a mosquito’s wing (literally).  Bill continues to shoot well and in 2nd place.  Tim also shot his make-up targets and is currently tied for 3rd place with some good shooting of his...
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Fall League Results – Week 2

Note:  Scores were re-tallied for week 1 based on our more accurate scoring method and the results are posted below.  Week 2 began with a few challenges for Richard & David….the shooters agreed that the targets were fun but the scoring sure did stink!!!  Bill, Vince, and Paul all shot...
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Huge Shout Out to our Veterans

Thank you to all those Veterans who came out to join us for our Veterans photo, doughnuts, coffee, and thank you’s.  A special thanks to Kevin Tiddy and his crew, who you can see in the poster and are currently...
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Rapuano Crowned King Pin

Fantastic night for a bowling pin shoot when you spend it with these folks!  Vince Rapuano was our winner for the night coming back to beat Lyn Madsen, who put him in the loser’s bracket to start with :-) So much fun to watch. Kathryn Kiger made it into the final four, as always with some...
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