Range Membership

Membership benefits

Though we don’t require a membership to use our facility, it will save you a ton if you are going to come in more than a couple times a year. The perks of membership are.

  • Unlimited free range use
  • 15% off all regular priced ammo
  • Free rentals
  • Free gun cleaning every 6 months (handguns only)
  • Free one on one lesson (1hr for 12 month 30min for 6 month)
  • 1/2 off FFL transfers
  • Reduced price guest passes for guest ($10 and $15 vs $19 and $25)
  • Free appraisals

Individual Membership

Annual Rate: $279.00  (%10 Off For Vets And LE)


Semi-Annual Rate: $149.00


Monthly Rate: $29.99


Household/Family Membership

Annual Rate: $379.00


Semi-Annual Rate: $199.00  –That includes up to two adults and any children under 25* who live in your household


Monthly Rate: $39.99


Quick Shot Day Pass

  • (Monday-Thursday) Day Pass $19
  • (Friday-Saturday, And Holidays) Day Pass $25
  • Veteran Range Pass $10 Any Day
  • Children With Paying Adult $10 Any Day*
  • LEO Range Pass $10 Any Day

Yes, that’s all day. You can shoot for a-while, go have lunch, and come back if you like. And if you decide on your first visit that you want to become a member that same day, we’ll simply apply your Quick Shot payment to your membership fee.

*No one under age 12 is allowed to shoot at our range.





  • $1.25 each

Rental Guns

  • $10 each first rental
  • $5 each additional rental

(You must use our ammunition when renting our guns.)