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Practice is important to gun safety. Not only does it help ensure that you know how to use the firearms that you own, but it also ensures that your guns get some regular use and cleaning. One of the most convenient ways to practice shooting your firearm is at a gun range. With safe surroundings, a variety of rental equipment, and supervision, you can hone your skills in a posh environment. When visiting a range, rules are crucial for not just the safety of yourself, but for everyone around you as well. In order to feel at home on the range, keep the following rules in mind:

Range Rules

  • Know common commands. While the commands might vary slightly from range to range, they are generally terms such as “ceasefire,” “commence firing,” “cold range,” “hot range,” etc. Familiarize yourself with the range terms before shooting.
  • Follow range rules. Some ranges allow two people to one area, while others will not. Some require you to bring your own gear, while others might have rentals. Whatever the rules of your range, make sure you follow them to a T! Range rules are there for your safety and everyone else’s as well.
  • Treat the range with respect. Please do not leave expended brass, garbage or other refuse items on the range. Range supervisors are there to ensure safety– not clean up your empty water bottles or gum wrappers.
  • Treat yourself with care. Target practice and range shooting are enjoyable, but please treat yourself with care while you’re there. That means using protective hearing and vision gear so you can enjoy shooting another day!

We hope you have enjoyed a range shooting opportunity at some point. If you’d like to check out our range at ProShots, we would love to help you. Give us a call today!

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