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It’s never a good idea to push off repairing any problems you have with your guns. If you have gun issues, you’re going to want to get them checked out sooner rather than later to make sure your gun doesn’t sustain bigger issues or damages. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure out if your gun needs repairs or if there has just been a random fluke. Here are some signs you need professional gunsmith repair for your gun.

Signs You Need Professional Gunsmith Repair

  • Problems with your gun’s safety. Your gun’s safety mechanism is incredibly important and is completely useless if it’s malfunctioning. A professional gunsmith repair job is the only way to make sure your malfunctioning safety is properly addressed and repaired safely and correctly.
  • A click when you expect the gun to fire. Sometimes when shooting, the trigger of your gun may act differently than expected. A malfunction can cause the trigger to feel heavy, light, or not work at all. A good rule of thumb is if the gun goes “click” when you expect a “bang”, then there is probably something that needs your attention and maybe a gunsmith.
  • Visible damage. This sign is probably the most obvious sign that you need professional gunsmith repair. While some minor damage could potentially be explained by normal wear and tear after years of use, barrel damage and other damage that you can only see after you’ve taken the gun apart could indicate much deeper problems.

Professional gunsmith repair is much safer and more reliable than DIY gun repair jobs, so reach out to us here at ProShots for our gunsmith repair services.

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