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Be a safe and responsible firearm owner with a concealed carry permit.

Whether you are new to handguns or would like to impress upon your children the importance of responsible gun ownership, a concealed carry permit is something that many people in the Forsyth County, North Carolina area are interested in. Here at ProShots, we want to make sure that any level of skill and ability is met with the right training instruction so they are able to put in the hard work required to attain a concealed carry permit in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of North Carolina.

Concealed Carry in Forsyth County, North Carolina

When you come to ProShots to get your concealed carry permit, you will find that you are being taught by experts in firearms and firearm safety. Because we love what we do and want you to be able to carry safely, our classes are all based on safety first principles. We teach our concealed carry students proper firearm safety and respect so that when they are able to pass their classes and certifications, we are sending serious, respectful and responsible firearm owners out into the world.

Along with a concealed carry class, you are able to enjoy some other perks of our range here at ProShots to continue to work on your skills! This includes some discounts to help you purchase your first firearm if you don’t have one already, such as $10 off a basic pistol, $20 off a defensive pistol, $25 off one-on-one training, a free month of individual membership, and $5 rentals. To learn more about conceal carry advantages, come and see us today at ProShots!

In order to provide the safest environment for everyone in the store, members will be held accountable for the safe behavior of their guests. Any unsafe behavior could result in the revocation of membership privileges.

At ProShots, we offer concealed carry classes to customers throughout North Carolina, including Winston-Salem, Rural Hall, Oak Crest, Walkertown, Tobaccoville, Pfafftown, Bethania, Greensboro, Lexington, Statesville, and Forsyth County.

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